Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boyz VS Gurlz !!!

Hi guys, I wanna share with you the vast differences between boyz and gurlz!!..hehe..
I got this from my friend's blog and it seems interesting...check this out!

don't ever believe when the gurlz say she's a lazy person...

One girl sighing, "huh, feel so lazy today... really dun have mood to study, haih~"...

and the next day, she answered very well and got excellent marks in the test though she said she's 'so lazy to study'..

Although she has no mood but then get excellent in the class, what if when the gurl is in the study mood...dunno what grade she may get back then.. hehe

Another gurl told her friend, "dunno wat to cook today, so lazy to cook...hurm~ guess I just wanna make something simple".

After 2 hours cooking, the result is 'nasi goreng, ayam goreng, and sambal ikan bilis'.

If in the lazy mood they can cook up to 3 dishes. what about when they are in the good mood???...for sure gonna be more superb.. i guess they will make like 5 stars food..hehe

It's the other way round for men;

when he say he is lazy...just believe it! but when he say he is diligent, dun really believe it...

The simplest gurls' cooking is the hardest for men to do...

One men have a chat with his house-mate, "I'm going to cook something 'heavy' tonight". he said. and the things prepared were rice, chicken curry without potatoes and no vegetable. huhu.. that's the greatest he can do...haha..that's it!