Thursday, March 4, 2010

Existence Day

I'm standing in front of a mirror hanging on the wall of my rented house... It's March, and the weather hasn't changed yet, the sweat cover all over my body. It is 35 degree centigrade outside there.. Tremendously hot and make me now wearing nothing but half-naked. As I look into the mirror, having monologue since I realized today is my birthday... March 4th... the date of my existence.

The first person that bring to mind is my late mother, Hjh. Rosenah Ishak. I really miss much.. Wish she could see me grow until this quarter of century. Wish that she could greet me with her birthday wishes and card again as she always did in every year no matter where I was. She is the greatest mother that I ever had in my life. Still remember her sweet smiling and always support me whenever the hard time arise. I love you mum!! thank you for bringing me to this world.. I'll prove to you that your prayer and bless won't just be blown by the wind..I'll show you that I'll be a good man, good lecturer and success in this life and afterlife as well.

I would like to lay my heartiest thanks to my dearest friends for the wishes and doa'.... Hoping that you guys will attain good life, health and live long, and achieve victory in the whatever you takes. God Bless!!!!

btw.. if you notice, there's a slightly different on your face when you enter quarter century of your life... below is the photo of my face taken this morning by my house-mate, Jeng Kreng ... (see photo) am I look old???? matter if you look old or not in physical age. What's important is,your biological age since there is many people nowadays die at young age... take care of youself... lastly I would like to wish myself.....Happy bornday myself...haha..crazy huh!


Invince_Z said...

spam sket :P


Haziq Hamid said...

nak kene ni budak ni ni...hish

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