Sunday, January 31, 2010

Empire State of Rice Bowl

Kedah, the most well known paddy fields state in Malaysia so-called the rice bowl of Malaysia. The state produce more than half of the country's home grown rice supply. It is a land of unique natural beauty, surrounded by much greenery. I felt so astonished to see the lush green paddy fields all the way to my bestrestest-forever-friend's place, Naka which is 30 minutes away driving from Alor Star City across Pokok Sena and Pendang area. 
To Naka, Padang Terap District

 Lush green paddy field

Peaceful place

 This is what we called it, megs! ;) 

I went to megs place last thursday together with his friend, Sapri (Sap) which also a good friend of mine. Megs fetched us with his Myvi car at the Alor Star Bus Terminal on the Friday morning and we had a city tour for the whole day. There were a lot of places that we've been and I wish I've got time to tell ya one by one. For the highlight, We went to Menara Alor Star. This tower is the 2nd taller in Malaysia with height 165.5 meter. We had our photo taking and didn't get in since we arrived too early and it was not yet open.

Menara Alor Star 

Me, Megs, and Sap

If you would like to try the different nasi lemak in Malaysia. Do come to Alor Star to try Nasi Lemak Royale = Nasi Kandar Royale. A friend of Sap suggest us the place which is situated next to the Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah. After we tried the 'nasi lemak' then we totally understand the symbol ' = ' in his text message. Actually, it is nasi kandar and not nasi lemak at all. I dunno why they give the name nasi lemak for the nasi kandar. Anyway, it taste good and very cheap. Which I like!

This is what they called, nasi lemak Royale

In Alor Star city, there's a new shopping bazaar where they call 'Souq Al-Bukhary'. The building is very nice with the Arab architecture where you find yourself in Egypt. hehe ;) Next to it, there is a very beautiful mosque named Masjid Al-Bukhary. Rasa tahajud sangat bila tengok masjid ni. Subhanallah.

 Souq Al-Bukhary

Masjid Al-Bukhary, Alor Star, Kedah

The evening we felt exhausted after Friday prayer and decided to get back to Naka for a little rest. The most exhausted person is megs. I really proud of him to stay up for the night before because of excite feeling to take and bring us to those such great places. Really thank you megs! ;)

Ready to Penang!

The next day we continued our journey to The Pearl Island that is Penang. I had a little bit confusing while in Penang since I've didn't come here for a year. They all expected I may tour them correctly to the places in Penang coz I used to stay here for quite long time where I always call Penang as my second home. I really apology for that megs n sap.

Penang Bridge Toll, Still RM7

Georgetown view from Penang Bridge

Zeq at Q'bay Mall


Anyway, we've been to Queensbay Mall and had our breakfast n window-shopping there. Then, we went to visit my sister's family (my only sister ke megs..hehe). I really miss my niece and nephew, danish (chub-chub), puteri (mei-mei), and nureen (naba). In the bracket is the loving name that i always call them..huhu..(see photos). We went to our car park then and everybody started to guess... "aku ada kawan kat penang ni, tp lupa la kontek number dia"...and I suddenly said, "I do have a friend too...oh my god..YANA! yes", I just rang my bell. haha..yana, yana... and then we get her in USM campus and took her along to batu feringgi.

My niece, Nureen (Naba)

 Puteri (mei-mei)  yang sombong...

 Danish (chub-chub)

Uncle ajiq with Naba

at my sister's place

USM Penang Campus

After having fun in Batu feringgi, we've stick in huge traffic jam. guess wat? there was Thaipusam celebration where all the Hindu's made their parade with the kavadi along the pulau tikus and gurney area. Driving in Penang is such a challenging, and i said to megs, you'll get an international license if you survived driving in here. And he did. He is such a professional driver though there was some curses which I always do. huhu..

Batu Feringgi Beach

Landmark of Penang, KOMTAR

Latest in town: Penang Times Square!

We managed to get rid from the jam and made our way to Padang Kota Lama. This place is a must come place in penang where you can try all the penang specialty food at a single place. Everything is here, from passembur to char kueh tiow. Apparently, We have blacklisted due to some reasons.

Ni la rupa passembur

Overall for this trip, I felt so happy and enjoy in Kedah mostly. I really felt the feeling of balik kampung start form the first day I was here. The food is so me and most importantly, very cheap! seriously. Everywhere you go in kedah (although the capital city a.k.a bandaraya alor star), it so hard to get more than RM5 for a meal. To me, food is such a luv factor. They managed to put the luv in the food (sedap & murah) and exactly made me fall to the place. I love kedah so much! since I was in kulim matriculation (Kolej MARA Kulim) which is 6 years ago, the food price didn't go up.

SMK Naka

Megs' work place, SMK Naka

I really thanks megs so much for his hard work to bring us to such a wonderful place. I really love Naka as well and it's not that suffer to live in rural area as mentioned by megs before. But now, he has accommodate and happy to live here since he got for evening shift in this semester. I felt peace and calmness surrounded my soul while i was in Naka. It's so different living in the city and here. To see megs with his complete attire as an english teacher at SMK Naka. I inspired to become like him. Actually, I'm a bit down with my life. I always asking myself, am I really want to be a lecturer? and the answer for now is yes. I can see the real teacher character in him. He has his own style to teach his "primary" student. He's quite fierce with his student although in reality he is so kind. One statement that make me wanna laugh is ..."heh, aku lempang jadi lempeng" because the student is stubborn and didn't pay attention..huhu


H.A.F.I.Z.i.S.M.A.L said...

i told u b4...hehehh there s lot more to try nyer jln2...

Haziq Hamid said...

yes zeff, exactly... i guess i'm gonna be chubby if i stay a litter bit longger there.... Zeff, i really love that place! huhu

Hakim said...

actually i have posted something here but don't have any idea where it's been gone to. well, i am so pleased with this entry, i am so happy knowing that you really enjoy our recent vacation. I guess it must always be that way, short and meaningful.isn't it?

Things have changed tremendously by far. I am no longer the same old megs like u used to know. I have moved on with all sadness issues and I have learnt my lesson very well which is BE GRATEFUL for everything and GOD will shower us with HIS blessing EVEN MORE. I am overwhelmed with ur impression on my attitude towards my career too. Never in my life have I thought that I could inspire someone else's life. I am honoured with ur confession that looking upon me with my teaching attire that has boosted ur motivation significantly.

Be strong and contented with what you got and insha ALLAH things wd bcome much2x better in return. Feel free to visit me again next time...u take care dear...

BuMbLe BooGiE said...

jee... i'm rather surprise with ur english. I are far better than me. i just love reading ur writing bout the vacation it's somewhat a heartfelt entry. i wish to meet you again maybe in the future. and this time around, we'll be FIERCE in exploring the uniqueness ought to be discovered.

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