Saturday, January 23, 2010

Filling up my empty Soul

The worst part in my weekend comes when I didn’t plan to go anywhere either going back to my hometown or run other activities. The dull feeling cover all over my soul and make me wanna be free. Get free from stranded in my rented house.

I did planned to go back this weekend since a friend of mine from Kuala Ibai asked to stay in my KB house for a couple of days to attend an interview there. So I agreed to give him a place for shelter. Nevertheless, he confirmed that the interview is in the evening and not in the morning as mentioned before and he plan to drive and back in the same day as soon after the interview done. Therefore I cancelled my plan to go back and plan to stay in KT city.

To run away from this empty soul, I need to feel it with something. There was no other place I can escape except a place where I always am in other weekdays, the campus. It‘s such a calm to come to laboratory at this hour and see my culture of leukemia cell line grown healthy in the flasks. Shinning of the viable cells reflect as they are smiling to me. What a good kids. I’m hoping they will give me good result next week as I’d plan to run assay.

Get close to friends in facebook, YM and reading blog is part of my activities to fill up my weekend day. As other post-gard students busy with their writing, I’m also doing busy. Busy with writing this blog. Haha…dunno wat gonna be with Haziq…confirm kene bunuh kerat lapan belas ngan prof manaf next week sbb slow progress….ampun prof!!!

Other sudden activities I did in this weekend other than stay in campus are playing bowling with arip and kak sya (final year students)…I’ve lost and got the last place…Gosh!... But you guys watch out, I’ll be good in the next match.. (``;).The night we have air buah gelas besar pior punye at seberang takir/tok beng.

It’s been a while I’ve not get to beach. It such a breathtaking to enjoy the breeze at Pantai Batu Burok. Actually they got the name ‘Batu Burok’ from the stone laid on the middle of the beach. It is actually there… I never knew after being shown by Amir (final year student). We have a small picnic with keropok lekor and banana fritters that bought near to masjid zainal abidin. Those below were the happy moments at the beach…

Amir model iklan keropok lekor & goreng pisang
Terima kasih arip tolong lapkan kereta aku yg kotor tu...(";) 

"eh..ada kutu kat kepala aku lah... " kata si arip. 


Kanak2 ceria.... 

Amir pencinta tiang...oh awek ku tiang... diblkg tu arip yg senget sbb otak berat sebelah 

 kaki orang utan mana ni? lebatnya berbulu..tanya arip, amir pon menjawab, kaki aku la...kucing betol ko ni!
Ketenangan......Keindahan Laut ciptaan Ilahi 
Amir tgk burung kenyalang yg terbang kat atas kepala aku 
Woi...pendatang asing ke korang ni ha!!!! 
unggak cik, ungak..kami warga malaysia kok..ini I/C nya 

Kanak2 riang...aksi akrobatik dari haziq
 subhanallah mir, ko buat apa kat arip tu...astaghfirullah!!


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